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Lousiana voters approve Amendment 1

New FGA Report Highlights the Need for States To Reform Their Election Processes

Naples, FL–The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) recently released a report that notes how state policymakers can be proactive in safeguarding their authority over the conduct of elections to help stop outside influence. 

The paper highlights some of the best ways for states to protect the integrity of their elections and check the federal government’s main tactics for election interference. Setting forth requirements that communications, guidance, and funding be shared with state officials and approved before they are implemented will help ensure that state law is not circumvented by federal bureaucrats.

“Outside threats to state election administration, including new attempts at federal overreach, are on the rise,” said Trevor Carlsen, FGA Senior Research Fellow and paper author. “The Constitution names the states as the primary arbiters of their own elections. In the face of these new threats to free and fair elections, states must live up to that responsibility.”

Read FGA’s latest report here.


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