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Missouri Bill Set to Revolutionize Work is Signed into Law

Naples, FL — A bill that will ease licensing restrictions and strengthen apprenticeship programs passed the Missouri General Assembly yesterday and has been set to Governor Mike Parson for his signature.

As well as provisions that strengthen the state’s apprenticeship program and ease licensing restrictions on those with nonviolent criminal records, the new legislation implements universal licensing reciprocity, which allows workers to obtain an occupational license in Missouri if they already earned a license in another state.

“The new legislation could not come at a better time—as Missouri’s economy reawakens, we want to make sure people are able to get back to work as quickly as possible without arcane red tape locking them out of the workforce,” said Gregg Pfister, government affairs director at the Foundation for Government Accountability. “Missouri is lucky to have dedicated public servants who understand the power of work, like bill sponsors Rep. Derek Grier and Sen. Andrew Koenig, and leadership in the Senate from President Pro Tem Schatz and Majority Floor Leader Rowden. Missouri is a model to other states looking to welcome new workers. When it comes to occupational licensing requirements, often less is more.”


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