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Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant Honored with Governor of the Year Award

Naples, FL – Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant was awarded with the Foundation for Government Accountability’s 2017 Governor of the Year Award for his role in enacting massive welfare reforms that will free Mississippians from government dependency and set them back on the path toward independence.

In 2017, Mississippi passed the HOPE Act (HB 1090), which enacted welfare reforms that prevent fraud and abuse of the welfare system, including asset tests, increased capabilities to monitor where welfare benefits are being spent, and work requirements for able-bodied adults in order to preserve funds for the truly needy and promote work within the state.

Gov. Bryant worked closely with the Mississippi Legislature to ensure that these reforms will be able to change the lives of millions across the state.

“Mississippi made massive strides in reducing dependency and promoting work within the state with the welfare reforms that were passed earlier this year—and none of it would have been possible without the unrelenting work and support of Gov. Bryant. Gov. Bryant’s commitment to the citizens of his state is clear by the reforms that he signed—reforms that will preserve funds for the truly needy, prevent fraud and abuse of the system, and promote work as a means to economic freedom,” said Tarren Bragdon, FGA CEO and President. “There is no one more deserving of the 2017 Governor of the Year Award than Gov. Bryant, and I am honored to name him as this year’s recipient.”

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