Polling Shows Florida Voters Want to Protect Young Children and End Special Protections for Woke Corporations


Naples, FL—Recent polling completed by the Center for Excellence in Polling (CEP) found that most Florida voters oppose exposing young children to sexual education topics and support subjecting woke corporations to the same laws and taxes as other corporations across the state.

Results of this most recent polling showed that 77 percent of Floridians believe schools should not teach children under the age of nine about sexual education with 61 percent agreeing the subject should be avoided until children reach the age of 12.

CEP found that voters supported many of the ideas included in Florida House Bill 1557, “Parental Rights in Education.” The bill itself was widely supported by Florida voters, with even a quarter of Democrats in favor of HB 1557’s provisions.

Similar trends were seen with limiting outside, third-party groups from providing sexual education to elementary school children, with 68 percent of voters against this form of education. This trend continues with Floridian votes opposition against Disney’s plan to insert sexual and gender orientation-related content into children’s program with six in 10 Floridians opposing the effort.

Many Florida voters also opposed the special perks some corporations are receiving with 61 percent of voters agreeing that these companies should be subjected to the same taxes as other businesses.  Similarly, 73 percent of voters oppose allowing other large corporations to create their own local government and laws.

“Florida voters agree with the decisions of Governor Ron DeSantis. Woke corporations should not be given special perks in Florida,” said Tarren Bragdon, President and CEO of the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA). “Gov. DeSantis stood up for the next generation of Floridians by holding companies and educators accountable for working against the values and best interests of all Floridians.”


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