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New FGA Paper Uncovers Vast Network of Soros-Backed District Attorneys With the Power to Prosecute—Or Ignore—Election Crimes

FGA Raises Red Flags: Ballot Integrity For 15 Million Americans Rest Solely With Politically Motivated DAs Funded by George Soros—That Could Grow to 145 Million.

Naples, FL — Today, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) released a new paper titled “Soros District Attorneys Make Our Cities Unsafe: Are They Doing the Same for Our Elections?” which outlines the vast influence George Soros has through elected district attorney (DAs) across the country. The paper outlines the nationwide reach of Soros-backed prosecutors, the growing data on rising violent crime, the threat to election integrity and ballot security a network of politically motivated district attorneys poses, and the solutions state policymakers can implement to stop the spread of Soros district attorneys.

Key Findings: 

  • George Soros has spent $40 million to elect district attorneys he supports
  • Violent crime has risen sharply in these jurisdictions—some with a 127 percent spike in murders
  • Soros-backed district attorneys now represent 70 million Americans
  • For 15 million Americans, Soros-backed district attorneys are the only prosecutors authorized to charge election crimes
  • Future RiskSoros can expand this model to cover 145 million Americans with politically motivated district attorneys in 22 states
  • Solution: Give attorneys general power to investigate and prosecute election law violations 

 Paper authors Michael Greibrok, FGA senior research fellow, and Madeline Malisa, FGA senior fellow, are sounding the alarm on what a network of Soros-backed district attorneys means for the future of secure and lawful elections in America.

“We see the strategic influence targeting district attorney campaigns can have our election system—blue cities can often determine the statewide election outcomes in red states,” said Madeline Malisa. “When radical leftists, especially Soros-backed district attorneys, hold elected office in a jurisdiction, it doesn’t matter what state laws are on the books. It matters what laws they enforce.”

The paper outlines how some district attorney campaigns receive up to 90 percent of their funding from one source, George Soros. 

“District attorneys receiving 90 percent of their campaign donations from one source is extremely concerning. There’s no question whose interests are represented once that DA is elected,” said Michael Greibrok. “Our research shows when a DA doesn’t toe the line, George Soros funds another candidate who will. So, what happens? DAs across the country fall in line with Soros’s ideology. Our data show the rise in violent crime, and we fear election integrity concerns may rise as well.”


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