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covid-19 stimulus

FGA Statement on American Rescue Plan

Naples, FL—The House finalized passage of the super-sized $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill on Wednesday, calling it the American Rescue Plan of 2021 despite it failing to serve the majority of Americans. Although the bill did not include an increase to the federal minimum wage, an extension of unemployment and expansion of other welfare benefits continue to discourage Americans from returning to work.

“The American Rescue Plan is a massive win for the government and a huge loss for the American people. No matter how you look at it, this bill holds America back from recovery and Americans back from regaining their footing in the best workforce in the world,” said Robin Walker, FGA’s Director of Federal Affairs. “Blue state bailouts and an extension of the weekly unemployment bonus perpetuate the disincentive for states to fully open, and prolong the disincentive for Americans to return to work. Equally paralyzing provisions in the bill, such as transforming the child tax credit into a monthly cash payment, further hurl Americans into chronic dependency. This bill is not popular with the American people, it is not bipartisan, and it further demonstrates the total hypocrisy of many of Americans’ government leaders.” 


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