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FGA Stands Against Medicaid Expansion in North Carolina

Naples, FL—The Foundation for Government Accountability stands firmly against Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. It would be shortsighted for North Carolina to commit taxpayers to a massive and long-term welfare program, especially in the midst of our current economic climate.

Reports from earlier this summer showed that 63 percent of North Carolina residents that would qualify for Medicaid under expansion already have private insurance, with 320,000 either enrolled in or qualifying for individual coverage free of charge.  “Medicaid expansion is welfare expansion for able-bodied adults who should be working. It will crush the state budget, take from the truly needy, and force people who already have private health insurance onto the welfare rolls.” said Sam Adolphsen, Policy Director at FGA. “A term-limited governor like Roy Cooper may not have to deal with the long-term budgetary consequences, but his constituents would pay the price – state-level cost of roughly $6 billion over 10 years. What a disaster this would be for state taxpayers, the truly needy, and North Carolina employers desperate for workers.”

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