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FGA Responds to Senate Farm Bill

Washington, D.C. – The proposed Senate Farm Bill released today misses an exceptional opportunity to bring the power and dignity of work to millions of Americans trapped in dependency.

Research shows that work is the best path out of dependence. Despite this, the Senate Farm Bill does not include expansions of the work requirements to parents and middle-aged adults featured in the House Farm Bill.

“The Senate Farm Bill is a missed opportunity to give millions of Americans the opportunity to lift themselves out of dependency,” said said FGA President and CEO Tarren Bragdon. “With a red hot economy and the number of jobs exceeding job seekers for the first time in a generation, there has never been a better time to reform welfare in America.”

Furthermore, the Senate proposal as it currently stands actually heads in the wrong direction and undermines existing pro-work laws in the states.

“By moving existing provisions for able-bodied, working age adults to work, train, or volunteer to receive benefits, this proposal is actually an attempt to kill state laws preventing bureaucrats from waiving food stamp work requirements in Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, and West Virginia,” said Bragdon.

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