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FGA Responds to House Democrats’ Scheme to Pass Election Bill and End the Filibuster

Naples, FL—Today, House Democrats stripped the text of unrelated, previously passed legislation extending the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s authority to lease facilities and inserted H.R. 4, the Freedom to Vote Act. In doing so, Democrats forced sweeping election reform measures and an end to the filibuster through to the Senate for debate. Not only is this an unacceptable diversion from the legislative process, but this is also an unconstitutional attempt to destroy the states’ rights to administer their own elections.

The Freedom to Vote Act overrides a number of election reforms recently passed by states including photo ID requirements, prohibition of third-party funding, and regular voter roll checks. It requires states to implement automatic voter registration, establish same-day voter registration, and implement no-excuse vote by mail, among other provisions. These monumental changes would create new federal rules that would dismantle the role of states and subject elections to massive amounts of fraud.

“Democrats in the House and Speaker Pelosi threatened our country’s democracy today with their decision to manipulate previously passed bipartisan legislation to fast-track their partisan bill to the Senate for debate,” said Vice President of Outreach Katie Rodgers. “With this calculated action, Democrats have proven that they will go to any length to make it easier to cheat—including manipulating the processes and institutions of the House and Senate.”


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