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FGA Praises Administration’s Defense of Work Rule

Naples, FL — After the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced they would be appealing a stay on its impending food stamp work requirement rule, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) issued the following statement.

“As we look eagerly ahead to the grand re-opening of the American economy, USDA is right to stand firm and defend its commonsense and legally sound food stamp work requirement in the face of politically motivated attacks,” said Chase Martin, legal affairs director at FGA. “The food stamp program is an important safety net, especially during times of crisis, and its work requirement is a big part of that. The law ensures flexibility for moments like this and allows enrollees to work, train, or volunteer as they build independence and self-sufficiency. This USDA rule, in particular, restored Congress’s intent to spread the power of work. The lower court’s nationwide injunction is just the latest example in a growing trend of activist judges imposing their political preferences on the entire nation. Unfortunately, it will only hinder our economy’s recovery and the long-term sustainability of the program. But by appealing the injunction, USDA is sending two clear messages: The rule of law matters and work, not dependency, must be the basis of America’s recovery and long-term prosperity.”


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