FGA Launches ‘Freedom to Prosper’ Initiative


Naples, FL – The Foundation for Government Accountability announced today the launch of its latest policy solution, ‘Freedom to Prosper’, aimed at eliminating restrictive licensing requirements and regulatory burdens at the local level.

Licensing requirements created by local governments and state agencies limit the ability for individuals with low incomes to find work, change jobs, relocate to a city with better opportunities, or start their own businesses. FGA’s new initiative, led by former Oklahoma state representative Tom Newell, will tackle these regulations and restore opportunity for individuals nationwide.

Newell brings expertise in state review of local regulations to his role as senior fellow for FGA. During his legislative tenure, he served as chair of the Government Oversight and Accountability committee and vice chair of the Appropriations and Budget Committee.

Joining Newell is analyst and economic researcher Jared Meyer who will serve as the project’s senior research fellow. Meyer’s knowledge of labor markets and the impact of regulatory burdens will help unleash a new era of opportunity across the country.

“I’ve seen so many laws and rules do far more harm than good when put into practice, creating additional, costly hurdles that people have to jump over simply to get a job. It’s frustrating when the thing we should be doing is creating more opportunities for individuals to prosper,” said Newell.

“I’m very excited about the opportunity to work with FGA where I can serve so many people across our great nation.”

Through Freedom to Prosper, FGA’s experts will work with governors, legislators, agencies, and local regulatory boards to find innovative ways to create more opportunities for low-income individuals.

“The absurd ways cities and agencies regulate people out of work have tragic effects on those trying to climb the economic ladder. The ‘public safety’ justification for these regulations often falls flat, as there are higher licensure requirements for barbers and manicurists than for Emergency Medical Technicians,” said Meyer. “I’m excited about working with FGA and Tom to remove barriers to opportunity.”

The Foundation for Government Accountability is a non-profit, multi-state think tank that specializes in health care and welfare policy. To learn more, visit TheFGA.org.