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FGA Files Amicus Brief in Supreme Court Fight Against Biden’s Student Loan Cancelation

NAPLES, FL – Today, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court of the United States case Biden v. Nebraska challenging the statutory and constitutional authority of the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness plan. 

The lawsuit, originally filed in federal court in the Eastern District of Missouri, was brought by six states and the broader legal battle now includes student loan borrowers, 17 more states, and numerous organizations representing taxpayers and impacted Americans. After the Eighth Circuit stayed the program pending appeal, the Supreme Court agreed to review the case along with a companion case out of the Fifth Circuit. Oral arguments are scheduled for later this month. 

“President Biden’s ill-conceived, politically motivated effort to unilaterally cancel hundreds of billions of dollars in student debt, paid for on the backs of hardworking Americans, is not only economically harmful and unjust, but it is also unconstitutional,” said Stewart Whitson, legal director for the Foundation for Government Accountability. “Again, we turn to the Supreme Court to step in and stop the current administration from attempting to exert power it does not have. With the law clearly on our side, we are confident that the Court will do just that.”

“Those who forged a career path that did not include college,  those who joined the military to earn education benefits, and other hardworking Americans should not be left to foot the bill for those who did not make these same sacrifices. This reckless executive branch overreach aimed at delivering a taxpayer-funded handout promised on the campaign trail must be stopped,” said Stewart Whitson. “And FGA will proudly fight alongside state attorneys general until the battle is won.”


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