FGA Commends USDA’s Commitment to Reducing Dependency


Washington, D.C. – The Foundation for Government Accountability commends the USDA for its commitment to reducing dependency by ensuring that work is a foundational piece of food stamp eligibility for able-bodied adults.

Federal law currently limits the amount of time that able-bodied adults can receive food stamp benefits if they refuse to work, train, or volunteer at least part time. However, states have used regulatory loopholes and gimmicks to waive work requirements altogether, even in areas with record-low unemployment.

“Yesterday’s advanced notice of proposed rule making by the USDA is a strong, encouraging indicator that the department plans to put mechanisms in place to limit waivers of the time limit and encourage individuals to experience the dignity and freedom of meaningful work,” FGA president and CEO Tarren Bragdon said.

Written comments can be made here through April 9, 2018.

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