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FGA Applauds White House Executive Order on Welfare Reform

Washington, D.C. – The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) applauds the Trump Administration for its commitment to advance welfare reform through principles that will move millions of Americans out of dependency and into work.

Today’s Executive Order Reducing Poverty in America by Promoting Opportunity and Economic Mobility is a clear directive for agencies to review welfare programs and ensure that rules and regulations are promoting work, especially for able-bodied adults. It also outlines principles to preserve resources for the truly needy and return flexibility for program implementation to the states, among others.

The order is a continuation of the Administration’s commitment to reform the broken welfare system through commonsense reforms like work requirements. Work requirements have proven successful in moving able-bodied adults from welfare to work. In states where work requirements were implemented, able-bodied adults who left welfare saw their incomes double and found work in over 600 diverse industries.

“Despite there being six million open jobs across the nation, there is a record number of able-bodied adults trapped on welfare,” said Tarren Bragdon, CEO and President of FGA. “This executive order is a strong signal that the Trump administration intends to change that and help millions of Americans move from dependency to work.  Federal agency leaders must now act quickly to eliminate harmful rules and practices keeping individuals in dependency.”

The executive order also provides a roadmap for agency leaders to implement reforms that will prioritize work for able-bodied adults and preserve resources for the truly needy.

“By strengthening the work requirement for able-bodied adults on food stamps and approving states’ waivers for Medicaid work requirements, agencies can ensure that resources are preserved for the truly needy,” said Kristina Rasmussen, FGA Vice President of Federal Affairs.


FGA Memo to Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 

FGA Memo to Food and Nutrition Services

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