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FGA Applauds West Virginia Secretary of State for Standing Up to Federal Overreach

Naples, FL—On Monday, West Virginia Secretary of State Mac Warner sent a letter to President Joe Biden, requesting the rescission of Executive Order 14019, sometimes referred to as “Bidenbucks,” issued by President Biden. The order directs hundreds of federal agencies to develop plans to promote voter participation and to conduct state-level voter registration drives, both of which are contrary to state and federal law and clearly unconstitutional. The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) applauds Secretary Warner for protecting West Virginia’s right to run its own elections. 

“Secretary Warner is taking an important step to protect the rights of West Virginians and push back against federal overreach,” said Stewart Whitson, Legal Director at FGA. “States like West Virginia spent the last year and a half implementing well-designed voting laws that make it easier to vote and hard to cheat. It’s not surprising that Biden is taking a page out of Mark Zuckerberg’s playbook to try to leverage immense resources to influence state elections. The only difference with the president’s scheme is rather than using his own millions as Mark Zuckerberg did in 2020, he’ll rely on funds siphoned from American taxpayers along with the unlimited power, resources, and reach of the federal government to carry out his order. Other state leaders across the country should follow the example set by Secretary Warner and stand up to this illegal order.”


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