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FGA Applauds PRICE Transparency Act

Naples, FL — Today, Indiana Senator Mike Braun introduced his PRICE Transparency Act to shine more light on health care prices requiring hospitals and insurance companies to provide patients with the real costs of health care services. The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) offered the following response in praise as the bill builds on years of work at the state and federal levels.

“The PRICE Transparency Act brings serious, long-needed reform to the health care industry, equipping providers and consumers with the information they need to make the best decisions for patients and their families,” said Josh Archambault, senior fellow at FGA. “With pricing information clearly out in the open, those with chronic conditions, the disabled, and middle-class patients will have real choices that will save them money that can be spent on gas, groceries, and everyday bills during this challenging economic time. In addition, small businesses will be able to save money to keep their doors open or hire new employees. This bill empowers the free market to operate as designed—honestly and transparently.”

The PRICE Transparency Act is cosponsored by Senator Joni Ernst, Senator Mike Enzi, Senator Chuck Grassley, Senator John Kennedy, and Senator Kelly Loeffler.


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