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Pennsylvania State Capitol

FGA Applauds Pennsylvania Leaders for Banning Third-Party Funding of Elections

NAPLES, FL – The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) applauds the Pennsylvania General Assembly for passing S.B. 982, helping to secure future state elections for years to come. 

The bill reduces outside influence in election administration by funding the training of election officials directly and banning third-party contributions to election operations. S.B. 982 was sponsored by Senator Lisa Baker, who introduced the legislation after more than $25 million of “Zuckerbucks” grants were distributed to election offices across Pennsylvania during the 2020 election cycle. 

The bill includes provisions that ban private funding from influencing election administration (Zuckerbucks ban). It also establishes an election integrity grant program to provide public grants to counties for election administration as well as requires county boards to conduct an internal review of various election practices.

“The Pennsylvania House and Senate have made huge strides with the passage of S.B. 982 by protecting state elections through their support of commonsense election reforms,” said FGA President and CEO Tarren Bragdon. “Senator Baker’s bill will greatly increase transparency and trust in the Keystone State’s democratic process. This could not have happened without leaders like Senators Lisa Baker and Kristen Phillips-Hill, as well as House State Government Committee Chairman Seth Grove.” 


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