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FGA Applauds New CEA Report on Work Requirements

Naples, FL – The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) applauds the Trump administration for its report on the effects of expanding work requirements in non-cash welfare programs. The Council of Economic Advisors’ (CEA) report found that work requirements can improve the lives of those dependent on welfare while promoting the dignity of work, a conclusion that FGA’s own research has drawn.

The report is particularly timely given that research has shown that most able-bodied adults on Medicaid and food stamps do not work. Nationwide, an estimated 6.8 million adults in ObamaCare expansion do not work at all, according to new research published by FGA. Past research has also shown that most able-bodied adults dependent on Medicaid or food stamps were not working.

Work requirements have proven success moving able-bodied adults from welfare to work. When the reform was implemented in cash welfare and food stamps, able-bodied adults who left welfare found work in over 600 diverse industries and saw their incomes more than double. With nearly seven million open jobs across the country and a near-record low unemployment rate, there has never been a better time to move these individuals off the sidelines and back to work.

“Work requirements allow able-bodied adults–both those with and without children–to regain their independence through work. With new research showing the astonishing number of able-bodied adults dependent on welfare who are not working, now is the time to expand work requirements and give these individuals the opportunity to experience work,” said Tarren Bragdon, FGA President and CEO. “This is yet another important study proving that federal policies must do all they can to promote work and economic mobility for able-bodied adults.”

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