FGA Applauds Memo Encouraging Child Support Cooperation


Naples, FL — Today, the Trump administration sent a memo to states encouraging them to adopt child support cooperation requirements for the food stamp program. The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) applauds the action and the resulting impact it will have on reducing childhood dependency.

More than six million single-parent families are currently on food stamps, but fewer than one in four receive any kind of child support. The proposed reform requires single parents on food stamps to cooperate with state agencies’ attempts to collect child support in order to receive benefits.

In states that have already adopted this reform, child support collections have increased by nearly 40 percent among those impacted. If all states follow the Trump administration’s memo and adopt the reform, families could see an estimated $300 million in additional support per year.

“Child support is critical to minimizing single-parent families’ reliance on welfare and to helping them escape dependency. When children don’t receive the support they’re owed, it can lead to a lifetime of poverty,” said Kristina Rasmussen, vice president of federal affairs at FGA. “The Trump administration is taking bold steps—based on proven reforms and supported by voters—to fight for families and children.”


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