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FGA Applauds Attorney General Jason Miyares for Holding Individuals Accountable

Naples, FL­­­ This week, Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares announced the creation of the Election Integrity Unit within the Office of the Attorney General. The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) applauds AG Miyares for enforcing election laws and protecting Virginians’ voices at the ballot box.The new Election Integrity Unit will:

  • provide legal advice to the Department of Elections
  • investigate and prosecute violations of Virginia election law
  • work with the election community throughout the year to ensure uniformity and legality in application of election laws, and
  • work with law enforcement to ensure legality and transparency in elections. 

The Unit is made up of more than 20 attorneys, investigators, and paralegals from across various divisions in the Office of the Attorney General. 

“We applaud Attorney General Miyares for his continued efforts to lead on crucial issues, especially safeguarding the Commonwealth’s elections, ” said Joe Horvath, FGA State Government Affairs Director. “Bringing enforcement action when election laws have been violated is an overwhelmingly popular idea with the American people, and we believe this unit will help enforce Virginia’s election laws and serve as an example for other states to follow.”


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