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Biden Torpedoes Effort to Impose Work Requirements for ABAWDs

Naples, FL—Today, the Biden administration dealt a blow to good governance and common sense, by withdrawing an appeal filed by the Trump administration last December to revisit and undo a partisan district court decision, which revoked a finalized rule created by the USDA. The rule closed a loophole in food stamps, which allowed able-bodied adults without dependents to continue to receive food stamp benefits without working or seeking work, despite federal law. This loophole has been exploited by states such as California and New York.

“It’s disappointing but unsurprising that President Biden has followed in the footsteps of the Obama administration in allowing federal law to be ignored and permitting states to exploit deceptive regulatory loopholes to expand welfare dependency in this country,” said Chase Martin, FGA’s Legal Affairs Director. “By withdrawing the appeal and effectively eliminating this commonsense rule, Biden has demonstrated a shocking disregard for the law. It’s clear that Biden has no interest in helping the more than 755,000 Americans this rule affected from escaping the endless cycle of government dependency toward independence, a good paying job, and the pride that comes with both.”


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