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FGA Thanks Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson for Restoring Voter Confidence in Elections

Naples, Florida—Last week, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson signed House Bill 1866 into law, which prohibits election officials from accepting funds, grants, and gifts from any source outside of the local, state, and federal governments.  

This bill is a major win for Arkansas voters who were discouraged by the unregulated grant funding provided by private, third parties to local election officials during the 2020 election. The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) thanks Governor Hutchinson for supporting election reforms that protect the integrity of the democratic process.

In the 2020 election, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative granted over $945,000 in COVID-19 Response Grant money to Arkansas election officials through the left-leaning, non-profit Center for Tech and Civic Life. Reports found that grant money spending was primarily allocated to get-out-the-vote efforts and expenses unrelated to the pandemic. By signing HB 1866, Governor Hutchinson is restoring voter confidence in Arkansas’ election system.

“When casting their ballots, Arkansans should feel confident that they are participating in a fair, honest election system. Outside influence from private, third parties threatens voter confidence and, as a result, the democratic process,” said Gregg Pfister, FGA’s Government Affairs Director. “Governor Hutchinson is protecting the voice of all Arkansas voters by eliminating third party involvement in elections.”


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