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Austin McCollum

Arkansas Rep. Austin McCollum Honored with Legislator of the Year Award

Naples, FL — The Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) presented Arkansas State Representative Austin McCollum with its 2019 Legislator of the Year award. He is one of only two state legislators to ever receive the award twice, having first received it in 2017.

“Representative McCollum has been a tireless and thoughtful advocate for working Arkansans because he’s a hardworking Arkansan himself,” said Nic Horton, research director at FGA. “His leadership and foresight in expanding affordable health care options and promoting work put Arkansas families in a much stronger position to meet the unprecedented challenges of 2020.”

After protecting work requirements and asset tests for Arkansans on food stamps in 2017, Rep. McCollum continued to work to reform welfare and remove barriers to work in 2019. 

“Our safety net in Arkansas is stronger and our state is better because of his work,” Horton added. 

The FGA Legislator of the Year award recognizes the leadership and work of policymakers nationwide to reduce barriers to work and promote independence. Of the more than 7,300 state legislators nationwide, Rep. McCollum is one of only two recipients to earn this prestigious award for 2019. 


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