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missouri supreme court medicaid expansion

FGA Files an Amicus Curiae Brief with the Missouri Supreme Court in Opposition to Medicaid Expansion

Naples, FL – Today, the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) filed an amicus curiae brief with the Supreme Court of Missouri to support the lower court’s decision that the Medicaid Expansion Amendment violates Missouri’s Constitution.

In the brief, FGA explains that the ballot initiative that narrowly passed last fall violates Article III Section 51 of the Missouri Constitution as it failed to provide a source of funding to pay for its massive cost. FGA also argues that the large, unanticipated costs associated with Medicaid expansion demand a valid source of funding upfront to avoid decimating the State’s budget.

FGA warns the Court that allowing this unconstitutional amendment to survive would transform Missouri’s initiative process into a mechanism for well-funded special interest groups to use to avoid the legislative process crippling the State’s budget while undermining the separation of powers enshrined in the Missouri Constitution.

“Missouri’s General Assembly and governor showed tremendous courage and respect for the Missouri Constitution by not providing funding for this deceptive ballot initiative. The unconstitutional ballot initiative failed to address the cost and funding source for expanding Medicaid, which is why the lower court judge struck down the amendment,” said Chase Martin, FGA Legal Affairs Director. “FGA supports the lower court’s decision as Medicaid expansion would decimate the state’s budget and harm the truly needy Missourians that Medicaid was designed to help.”

The Missouri Constitution clearly states that money may not be withdrawn from the state treasury for any purpose other than that specified in an appropriation made by the Missouri General Assembly. FGA urges the Supreme Court of Missouri to affirm the lower court’s ruling in Case #99185 that the Medicaid Expansion Amendment is unconstitutional.

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