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Naples, FL — Late Thursday, President Trump unveiled his renewed promise to Americans in the American First Healthcare Plan.

His vision for the American people? More choices, lower costs, and better care.

In his Charlotte speech, the president announced plans to combat rising health care concerns while inviting the American people to share in his vision for a second term.

The Trump administration has already increased the availability of short-term health plans, expanded health reimbursement arrangements and access to affordable health care plans, and lowered prescription drug prices while leading on health care pricing transparency and protecting those with chronic conditions.

FGA’s Founder and CEO, Tarren Bragdon, offered the following statement in support.

“The American First Healthcare Plan signals President Trump’s commitment to providing Americans with increased flexibility and more affordable options. This administration already has a strong track record of improving health care by expanding access to association health plans, short-term plans, and health reimbursement arrangements for small businesses and families. The president laid out an ambitious and detailed agenda of how to help patients and all Americans even more. This is just what the doctor ordered to build upon America’s world-class health care system.”

More on the President’s Announced Plans

In his new America First Healthcare Plan, President Trump unveiled the three pillars that will ensure Americans continue to get the care that he has fought for during his first term.

First, there will be more choice for American patients, and they will be free to shop for affordable health care plans. There will be expanded choices in the marketplace with the option for employers to cover the cost of the plans.

Telehealth is the future of health care and the president promised to “revolutionize access,” to this vital service.

The president has promised to make health insurance premiums fully tax deductible, something that is long overdue.

Second, costs will be lowered for families and seniors. With price transparency, hospitals and insurance companies will be required to post their prices online giving patients more power in their health care decisions.

Lowering prescription drug prices leads to huge savings for families and President Trump’s plan is dedicated to seeing those costs “plummet.” Importing drugs from Canada and giving Americans more access to affordable drugs will go into effect today with the signing of the executive order.

In the third pillar, the president is yet again putting patients in control of their health care by modernizing medical records through online portability. He reaffirmed his commitment to protecting patients with pre-existing conditions and vowed not to sign any health care legislation that does not protect them.


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