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Amanda’s Story: Working from dependence to freedom

Naples, FL – A new video released today by the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) highlights the power of work in transforming lives and breaking the cycle of government dependency.

The video tells the story of Amanda Benevides, a young mom who broke free from generational poverty and government dependency by securing a job. After a serious car accident left Amanda addicted to prescription drugs, she enrolled in a job program that gave her the tools necessary to find work and earn a degree.

“Where I came from, all we ever had was government programs,” said Benevides. “I’d never seen what it was like to have a paycheck, to be able to be rewarded, to accomplish things in life, but now I’m doing it and I can provide that for my children.”

Amanda’s story is just one example of how work is the key to ending government dependence, and is why FGA is committed to educating policymakers about commonsense policies that promote work. Kentucky’s pro-work welfare reforms are changing the trajectory for able-bodied adults like Amanda, and FGA applauds Governor Matt Bevin and other state leaders for their commitment to reducing government dependency.

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