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10 Reasons Why ObamaCare is Still a Bad Deal

ObamaCare continues to collapse under its own weight. Reports are flooding in from across the nation with stories of skyrocketing costs, canceled plans, and budget busting deficits. States are beginning to fully feel the burn of an unsustainable program.

As the repeal and replace debate remains heated in D.C., it’s important that we remember why ObamaCare is terrible – so here are just ten reasons why ObamaCare is bad and a replacement plan is necessary.

Thanks to ObamaCare:

  1. Families face premium increases of up to 49 percent since 2014.
  1. The average family of four will shockingly spend over $14,300 on premiums this year.
  1. Average premiums for eHealth’s individual plans have spiked 39 percent since 2014.
  1. After skipping the once-a-year eligibility check on its Medicaid clients, Oregon now has 14,000 unqualified Medicaid recipients with costs potentially topping $72 million a year.
  1. The average Medicaid recipient costs Oregon and the federal government about $430 a month.
  1. In Maryland, the insurer CareFirst has requested premium price increases in 2018 ranging from 45.2 percent to 57.10 percent.
  1. In D.C., CareFirst has asked for a 39.6 percent rate increase for Obamacare plans.
  1. Anthem is asking for a 33.8 percent increase in plans sold on and off the state-run health exchange in Connecticut.
  1. In Delaware and Nebraska, Aetna pulled out of the Obamacare exchange completely, leaving only one insurer in individual markets.
  1. Medica announced it’s likely to leave the Iowa marketplace, leaving 94 out of Iowa’s 99 counties with no coverage.

Sources: Oregon Live, CNBC, and The Wall Street Journal

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