Poll: What About the Children? Voters Thoughts on Community vs. Government Solutions for Child Welfare


Voters want solutions that actually protect the most vulnerable children in our country, and they know that government-run foster care is not working.

This was abundantly clear in a poll we commissioned recently of 2,237 registered voters nationwide, comprised of 38 percent Republicans, 37 percent Democrats, and 26 percent Independents. The survey was conducted on July 28 through 30, 2015 and has a margin of error of 2.07 percent.

Across all demographic and partisan groups, poll respondents told us that they did not trust government to take care of at-risk kids. Forty-two percent said they believe government does a bad job of protecting kids from neglect and abuse, and only 24 percent believe that foster care is a good outcome for kids. The number is even higher among independents – a key voting bloc for 2016 – with 50 percent saying that foster care is a bad outcome for kids.