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Politicians, Take Note: Virginians Still Want Liberty

The headlines coming out of Richmond could easily cause readers to confuse Virginia with New York or California. In the past few months alone, the Democrat-controlled General Assembly has repealed Virginia’s state voter ID law, Governor Ralph Northam has been caught parsing words over liberal activists’ calls to defund the police, and he’s provided cover for federal unemployment bonuses that are wreaking havoc on the Commonwealth’s economic recovery.

Big government, lax security, and more red tape—this is what you expect to find in places like New York City or Oakland, not the great Old Dominion.

New polling confirms that Virginians don’t want to live in a mirror image of these progressive havens. Rather, they want reforms that will restore our economy, secure our elections, and put Virginia back on the map as a bulwark of freedom.

A new survey from the Center for Excellence in Polling found that 55 percent of all likely voters agree that federal unemployment bonuses have made it more difficult for businesses to recover after the COVID-19 shutdowns.

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