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President Trump puts people, not D.C., in charge of health decisions

The political left does not want Americans to make choices for themselves—unless your choice is to do exactly what they say.

When it comes to personal health and wellbeing, they think they know best. That has been on full display recently from coast to coast, with sanctimonious comments about others’ behavior and choices during the COVID-19 crisis. And it was on full display as, in their last days in office, Joe Biden and the Obama administration cut off health care choices for Americans under the false pretense of “protection.”

Instead of leaving health care decisions between a patient and their doctor, or between a person and their own family, they did what the modern left so often does—attacked another freedom and put government in charge of personal decisions. Before leaving office, Obama and Biden effectively undercut, through executive fiat, health care coverage that didn’t fit their plan for government takeover of health care and left families with fewer health insurance options than ever before.

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