‘Tough On Crime’ Means Tough On Work

  • Jared Meyer

This year, many states enacted policies aimed at promoting work for those with criminal records. One of the leaders in this area is Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin. In the following interview, Governor Bevin explains why the tough on crime mentality can keep people who are trying to rebuild their lives out of work.

Jared Meyer: What made you decide to make encouraging successful criminal reentry a central part of your term?

Matt Bevin: Criminal justice reform isn’t only an issue in Kentucky—it’s an issue across America. And my view is that it all comes down to promoting work as a path toward redemption. Work is the absolute cornerstone of whether someone who comes out of prison will reform his or her life. Yet, there are countless roadblocks—many created by the government—that stand in the way of someone with a criminal record finding work.