Tarren Bragdon: Governors’ responses to coronavirus offer hope to worried Americans


The coronavirus outbreak has turned our world upside down. Schools have closed, businesses temporarily shut down, and countless Americans are staying at home to protect themselves and others.

It’s been a couple weeks for many of us, but it’s still jarring how quickly everything changed. Just a few weeks ago, all anyone was talking about was the 2020 election, and now it’s all COVID-19 all the time. This pandemic is unlike anything we’ve seen in recent decades, yet the American response to it remains on brand: we work together to get through it.

It’s also shone a light on several policy items that until recently have gone under the radar — including the flexibility of telework, the importance of telemedicine across state lines, and loosening the red tape already stifling families that barely get by. They may have gone under the radar, but for many Americans, even before this crisis, these policies keep them employed and a roof over their heads.