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Solving childhood poverty

On Tuesday, the same federal judge who halted Medicaid work requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky issued a ruling to do the same in New Hampshire, unleashing a frenzy attacking work and commonsense welfare reform.

But amidst the media reports about the ruling, few—including Judge Boasberg himself—are presenting the facts. A quick look at New Hampshire’s Medicaid program paints a different picture, and shows just how desperately-needed these requirements are to bring the program back in line with its original intent.

When the Granite State expanded Medicaid to able-bodied adults, some 50,000 people signed up—more than state officials expected would ever enroll. As a result, New Hampshire experienced cost overruns, which have resulted in budget overruns that the state has dealt with for years. Every dollar spent on able-bodied adults is a dollar that can’t go towards education, public safety, or the truly needy.

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