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Senate Democrats’ Election Bill—Amended, or not—Is Wrong for America

In their haste to appear reasonable and bipartisan, Democrats are now offering an amended version of legislation known as S.1 – ironically named the “For the People Act” – but in reality, this new version of S 1 is nothing more than a Washington, D.C. takeover of states’ election laws. Senate Republicans won’t be fooled. 

The bill still fails to preserve the good work already being done by states to secure their elections, and it places D.C. bureaucrats in the driver’s seat of elections at every level. But Democrats are hoping to pitch the media into reporting that they made a good faith effort to come to the table to negotiate. Thankfully, the American people are smarter than that.

Voters know S.1 is unequivocally wrong for America. If enacted, the bill would drastically change the way states hold elections. Any revised bill will still contain all the worst parts of the original if the Democrats’ underlying goal is unchanged.

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