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Reopening America Is the Only Bailout States Need

Americans are weary and worried. They are fatigued and stressed by lockdowns, by local businesses staying closed for so long, and by not being able to travel and connect with friends and family. With every day that passes, Americans’ desire grows to return to the strong economy we had in February. 

Unfortunately, some states are choosing control and fear over freedom and a return to the strong American way of life.

In March, some governors had their entire states on lockdown

Like FDR during the 1930s, President Trump said to not let fear become worse than the crisis itself.

At FGA, we don’t just talk about changing policy—we make it happen.

By partnering with FGA through a gift, you can create more policy change that returns America to a country where entrepreneurship thrives, personal responsibility is rewarded, and paychecks replace welfare checks.