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DOJ’s Recent Redistricting Guidance Reeks

Once every 10 years, the extremely rare Corpse Flower blooms. When it does, rather than giving off the typical sweet scent one might expect from a flower, the Corpse Flower instead releases the aroma of rotting flesh—hence the name.

Now, another once-in-a-decade event is occurring across the country and it too reeks, not of rotten flesh, but of political partisan maneuvering.

Following the delayed release of the 2020 census data, states across the country have begun the process of redrawing their legislative maps to account for shifts in population. This is a constitutionally required process that is unavoidably partisan. By inserting itself into the process through the Department of Justice (DOJ), the Biden administration is undermining the Constitution, ignoring Supreme Court precedent, and pouring fuel on a partisan fire.

Redrawing legislative districts is a constitutional requirement placed squarely upon the shoulders of state legislatures.

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