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Pennsylvania’s Governor Needs to Reach Across the Aisle on Election Reform

When I die, bury me in Pennsylvania because I want to remain politically active. You might have heard some version of this old joke about voting from beyond the grave. But it really isn’t a laughing matter.

Twenty thousand dead voters were still on the Pennsylvania voter rolls going into the 2020 election. National third-party groups were sending ballots to voters who were deceased. These are just some of the findings when the state legislature conducted an autopsy of the past election.

After a series of ten public hearings in 2021, Rep. Seth Grove (R-PA), Chairman of the House State Government Affairs Committee, the recently published a comprehensive 99 page report of findings and areas for reform. A representative from the National Conference of State Legislatures said she had never seen a state hold such a comprehensive review of elections. For the effort to run a full review of the Pennsylvania Election Code and its implementation, Rep. Grove and the committee should be commended.

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