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ObamaCare Expansion Explosion Demands Action

ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion launched less than three years ago, but states have already signed up more able-bodied adults than they ever expected to enroll. Many states have even enrolled more people than they thought would ever even be eligible.

This welfare explosion threatens state funding for public safety, education, infrastructure, and programs for the truly needy. It also increases upward pressure on Congress to act swiftly and repeal the failed law.

In a study published Nov. 16 titled “ObamaCare Expansion Enrollment is Shattering Projections,” we found that states have now enrolled more able-bodied adults than they said would ever enroll. And not just slightly — in fact, states have enrolled more than twice as many adults as they expected to ever enroll, at any point in the future.

While some on the left will no doubt point to this enrollment explosion as a sign of immense success, in reality, the explosion has disastrous ramifications for states, taxpayers, and the most vulnerable among us.

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