Obama Administration Tries To Blackmail States Into Expanding Medicaid


The Obama administration has worked for years to lure states into accepting Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion under the false promise of “flexibility.” Despite its best efforts, 21 states have rejected the expansion. And at least two states that previously expanded Medicaid under Obamacare are looking to turn back the clock and draw down their Medicaid expansions in 2016.

The Obama administration is desperate for a national leader like Florida to expand Obamacare, hoping it will set off a chain reaction to convince leaders in other states to fall in line. So, frustrated with its lack of success in convincing conservatives to give up their principled opposition to Obamacare, the administration has moved on to a new tactic: Sopranos-style blackmail.

Obama Holding Medicaid Funding Hostage

Last month, Obama officials sent a letter to Florida’s Medicaid agency, warning that it may not reauthorize $2.2 billion in unrelated Medicaid funding unless the state agrees to expand Obamacare. These actions make the administration’s priorities crystal clear: expanding welfare for able-bodied adults is more important than funding for hospitals treating poor children, seniors and individuals with disabilities.

At the same time that Obama is threatening to cut funding for Florida’s hospitals, his administration is engaged in a false messaging campaign in the press to gin up support for his reckless tactics.