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Avalanche Of Leftist Lawsuits Aims To Make 2020 Voting Chaos Permanent

Across the country, state legislatures are performing their constitutional duty, passing reforms to improve election procedures that worked well this past election, while addressing those that did not.

Yet as these reasonable, non-discriminatory bills are signed into law, mostly by Republican governors, a common pattern has emerged. D.C.-based Democratic Party-aligned lawyers are immediately filing lawsuits to contest the laws using local groups to establish standing.

These baseless lawsuits consist of copy-and-pasted legal briefs used to attack states focused on election integrity across the nation. With no legal leg to stand on, these lawsuits are light on facts and heavy on unsubstantiated, racially charged rhetoric. Even if these lawsuits don’t ultimately win in court, they attack the moral character of those who support these reforms while firing up left-leaning donors to fill leftists’ political coffers.

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