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Indexing unemployment benefits will get Kentucky back to work

When my wife and I recently dined at Hiko-A-Mon, a favorite local restaurant, we weren’t surprised by the “Help Wanted” sign on the door. It’s a familiar sight across the city. But we soon realized the sign was a plea. A single server was waiting on about 25 groups of diners. We tipped her well, and hoped others did too, because she was in an untenable situation and working hard to keep up. From talking with her, it was clear she had no idea when she’d get a break.

Help is on the way. Last month the Kentucky General Assembly voted to override Gov. Andy Beshear’s veto of an unemployment indexing bill that should spur more Kentuckians to join the workforce and begin to fill the more than 160,000 job openings in the state. The new law is built on the simple concept that unemployment benefits shouldn’t give people an incentive not to work, but rather should encourage them to find a job.

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