Illinois should unwind its Medicaid expansion


We can all agree on the need for a safety net for the most vulnerable among us: seniors, poor children and individuals with disabilities. Sadly, the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare has put services for those least able to help themselves in jeopardy.

To fix this, Illinois should freeze new enrollment in the expansion. This would allow those who enrolled through the expansion to gradually cycle off, allowing Illinois to refocus the program on those who need it most.

The Medicaid expansion under Obamacare moved a new class of non-disabled, childless adults to the front of the line. No longer is the program focused on kids with developmental disabilities, seniors in nursing homes or other truly needy patients. Those who enrolled in Medicaid under the expansion are adults in their prime working years. They have no children to watch and no disabilities keeping them from meaningful employment. As a group, they have never qualified for any other forms of long-term welfare.