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Government Doesn’t Have To Be Broken

“The federal government makes a mess out of everything it touches… [But] government can work when it respects its limited role, and listens to the people.” This quote comes from Arizona governor Doug Ducey’s 2017 State of the State address.

Over the two years since Governor Ducey took office, the Arizona Management System has developed into a guiding instrument for state agencies. Arizona agencies are required to apply business best practices to their operations, and the addition of private-sector accountability to government operations has led to significant improvements in government efficiency.

In the following interview, Governor Ducey shares how his goal of “making government work” leads to more economic opportunities.

Jared Meyer: Many policymakers campaign on the promise of improving, modernizing, and streamlining government services. But the challenges posed by established bureaucracies mean that all this talk of reform rarely translates into action. Facing this uphill battle, what was your plan to stay on top of the operations of 35 different Arizona state agencies?

Governor Doug Ducey: I’ve been a businessman far longer than I’ve been a politician. My experience has taught me that any successful reform requires vision, determination, and collaboration.

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