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How Federal Unemployment Hikes Are Killing Small Businesses

Half of states across America have announced they will stop participating in the federal government’s weekly $300 unemployment bonuses. The plans were set to expire in September, but 25 states looked at April’s jobs report and knew it couldn’t wait.

Why couldn’t it wait? Because open jobs were remaining unfilled, while millions of people collected unemployment. Economists predicted 1 million new jobs in April. Instead, only 266,000 jobs were added.

Newspapers nationwide have been filled with stories of empty job fairs, interview no-shows, and employers begging for people to come back to work. It’s nearly impossible to drive across town without seeing a “now hiring” sign in a storefront window. There are 8.1 million job openings across the country waiting to be filled — a record high — yet unemployment actually rose to 6.1 percent in April.

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