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Fall Behind On Your Student Loans? You Could Lose Your Job

Over 44 million Americans carry student loan debt and almost the same number of people need to get a government-issued occupational license to work. And currently, 15 states allow licensing boards to revoke the occupational licenses of workers who fall behind on their student loan payments. This authority can extend to any job that requires a professional license—including teachers and nurses—putting millions of Americans in jeopardy of losing their jobs and falling into government dependency.

Today, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) announced that they are reintroducing the Protecting JOBS Act, which would prevent state licensing agencies from taking away occupational licenses from workers who fall behind on their student loan payments.

In the following interview, Senator Rubio shares why he is passionate about this reform and why these laws have been rightly labeled the “debtors’ prison of our time.”

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