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Easy to Vote, Hard to Cheat: An Election Integrity Approach all Americans can Support

When it comes to ensuring fair, honest elections, Americans share the same goals–protecting historically marginalized voters, ensuring all voices are heard, improving transparency and accountability, and restoring trust in our democracy. Yet, after every election we typically see one side of the political aisle calling foul and demanding greater accountability in the election process.

As states work to safeguard elections, the gap between the Left and the Right widens as the wedge is driven deeper by special interest groups and media outlets that benefit from bitter partisan bickering. Worse, they hyperbolically attack commonsense election reforms while stoking the fire with unfounded accusations of racism–and voters have had enough.

A survey conducted by Opportunity Solutions Project reveals that a solid majority of Republican and Democrat voters favor allowing states to continue controlling their elections. Voters do not support a new bill introduced in Washington, D.C.—H.R. 1—which would federalize the election process and strip away individual state authority in the election.

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