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DOJ tries to stomp on Texas under guise of ‘protections’

On Sept. 7, Senate Bill 1 passed in the Texas Legislature and was signed into law by Gov. Greg Abbott, codifying a set of fair and consistent statewide reforms to govern the conduct of elections in Texas. The law went into effect this month.

Just hours after SB 1 was signed into law, President Joe Biden claimed the law was an “all-out assault” on democracy and, once again, expressed his unrelenting desire to federalize elections. Just recently the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Texas at the behest of President Biden.

The lawsuit claims two things. First, that SB 1 hinders voter assistance. Second is that by verifying that a mail-in voter is who they say they are, Texas is denying the right to vote.

Both claims are inaccurate and untrue.

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