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Democrats try to stop Trump from ending abuse of food stamps

President Trump is trying to move able-bodied adults without dependents on food stamps back to work, but Democrats in Congress have other ideas. A proposed Democratic amendment to a budget bill is directly aimed at stopping a new USDA rule that would close loopholes that allow millions of able-bodied adults on food stamps to avoid working or volunteering in order to receive benefits.

The food stamp program needs reform: one-third of the country still lives in an area where able-bodied adults without dependents are waived from food stamp work requirements. According to new research, nearly 2.6 million of these adults will be waived from work requirements—just this year. So why are Democrats so intent on keeping millions away from the positive benefits of work?

Loopholes exploited by Clinton and Obama regulations have allowed—and even encouraged—states to use old unemployment data or gerrymander areas in order to waive work requirements in as many jurisdictions as possible. Some states, like Illinois and California, combine all but one or two counties into one waived area, even though many waived jurisdictions do not independently qualify. One California county where work is waived has just 2.2 percent unemployment.

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