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Dear States: Don’t Give in to Liberal Election Demand of Ranked Choice Voting

The wrong winner. Recounts of every race. Soaring distrust in election outcomes.

These things are happening right now in California, and liberal activists want every state to adopt the disastrous system that created this mess. It’s called “ranked choice voting,” and two dozen or more states may consider it this year. If that happens, the way millions of Americans vote would fundamentally change for the worse, undermining our democracy to an unprecedented extent.

Ranked choice voting — which New York City already has in some local elections and states like Alaska and Maine have implemented to varying degrees — is a profound departure from the tried-and-true process voters know. In every normal election, people vote for the candidate they prefer, and the candidate with the most votes wins. But in ranked choice voting, you don’t just vote for one person. You’re supposed to list every candidate on the ballot in order of preference — whether there are three candidates, or 33.

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