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When it comes to the evidence, ObamaCare’s proponents don’t have a leg to stand on

ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion has been a proven disaster. More than twice as many able-bodied adults have signed up as states thought ever possible, leading to massive and growing cost overruns. Those cost overruns leave less money to fund services for the truly needy, including seniors, poor children, and individuals with disabilities. And we’re already starting to see states prioritize ObamaCare expansion over services for the most vulnerable. It’s no surprise that several states are now looking for the ObamaCare exit.

These facts are undisputed. But that hasn’t stopped some ObamaCare advocates from closing their eyes to them. The latest example is a reportfrom the Brookings Institute critical of the Foundation for Government Accountability’s (FGA) work highlighting the fiscal and moral disaster ObamaCare expansion has wrought on taxpayers and the truly needy.

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